Showing of works – Tiny Dances/Hidden Spaces

We had our first showing of works on Saturday for Finding Memphis: Tiny Dances/Hidden Spaces, October 22 at 7 pm and October 23 at 6pm at Jay Etkin Gallery in Cooper-Young. 2016-10-01-13-02-172016-10-01-12-31-432016-10-01-12-32-522016-10-01-12-47-052016-10-01-12-42-002016-10-01-12-10-472016-10-01-12-43-342016-10-01-12-23-572016-10-01-12-17-272016-10-01-11-59-382016-10-01-11-44-01img_3703

The pieces embodied recurring themes of undulations and memories. We’re all exploring and digging within our city and ourselves to find truth through dance. And the jumping off point are the spectacular photos of Carla McDonald of




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